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Talent Ivy Ink

An Open Mic Community

Introducing Talent Ivy Ink, an open mic community that found its roots in Thane as a modest initiative spearheaded by Sangramjith Mukherjee and Rutuparn Kulkarni back in 2019. Originally established as the Thane Youth Poetry Circle, the platform swiftly evolved as its pool of performers and audience broadened, transcending from a poetry-centric space to encompass diverse talents like storytelling, music, and singing. Recognizing the burgeoning scope beyond Thane, the founders rebranded the platform as the Thane Youth Talent Circuit.


As the platform's reach extended beyond its initial boundaries, they sought to redefine their identity. This quest for a fresh perspective led them to collaborate for a rebranding initiative. After extensive research and discussions, a collaborative effort culminated in the birth of Talent Ivy Ink, marking not just a new name but a vision for potential incorporation.


Talent Ivy Ink now stands as a vibrant and inclusive community, fostering creative expression and talent discovery beyond geographical confines.

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