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Game On by Aquarius

Let's Sell Water

Japan is a country known for its strong work culture, where long working hours and dedication to one's job are common. This work-centric lifestyle often leads to challenges in achieving a healthy work-life balance, affecting the time available for self-care activities like sports and fitness.


The concept of "karoshi," or death by overwork, has been a concern in Japan for decades, highlighting the extreme levels of stress and exhaustion that some workers face due to their demanding jobs. This focus on work often means that individuals have limited leisure time to dedicate to activities that promote physical and mental well-being.


Moreover, the corporate culture in Japan traditionally emphasizes loyalty and commitment to the company, sometimes at the expense of personal time. This can lead to employees feeling obligated to work longer hours, sacrificing opportunities for exercise or recreational activities.

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Nidhi Khanna, Nikita Barve

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