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One Show Young Ones Shortlist | 2023

Slaughter Cities

Bringing the slaughter houses closer to the human civilization

Ever since the evolution of mankind, humans have always felt a sense of superiority over animals.

We believe that it’s our right to consume animals, we assume ownership over the livestock and slaughter them for our own benefits.

But why does this happen? 

How can we be such hypocrites when it comes to animal welfare– we would never let anything happen to our pets but eat the ‘sumptuous’ meat of livestock after their horrendous beheading. 

The problem? Humans are so unaware of the journey of the poor animal from a slaughterhouse to its servings on our tables.

Solution? PETA brings slaughterhouses to the most buzzing cities of the world.

Peta Board 1.png
Peta Board 2.png
Peta Board 3.png


Art Director: Nidhi Khanna, Shivani Bhandari, Shagun Chopra

Copywriter: Shireen Ambardekar

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